You have questions?  We have answers.

What is bail?

In Idaho, bail is your right to be bonded out of jail. Bail is set because although you're innocent until proven guilty, the court needs to make sure you show up to your court date. 

Who can post bond?

In Idaho, anyone over 18 years of age can post bond. 

What is a bail bondsman?

In Idaho, A bondsman is used when you don't have the money and he puts his money up for a 10% fee.  A bondsman is an insurance agent that can post a surety bond for a 10% fee.

What is a surety bond?

In Idaho, a surety bond is a contract between the defendant, bondsman, and the insurance company guaranteeing the courts that the defendant will make all court appearances.

Why do I need a bondsman?

In Idaho, you don't need a bondsman, but a bondsman can protect your money and your assets.  With a bondsman you only pay 10% of the bail whereas without one you would have to pay the full bond amount.

What does a surety bond cost?

In Idaho, the surety bond  costs 10% of the bail given by the court.

Why is a cosigner required?

In Idaho, they're not always required; however, like with any loan it helps the insurance company feel safer to loan out large sums of money.

What happens if we miss court?

You need to call your bail bondsman immediately because in the state of Idaho a warrant will be issued for your arrest.  

If this happens time is of the essence.  Contact us immediately and if necessary we will go with you to the jail to re-post the bond and get a new court date.